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Waste To Energy

Whether for ecological or economical reasons, the resource-conserving handling of house, residual or industrial waste as well as waste from industrial production is one of the most demanding challenges of our time.

We have shown that in many cases these fuels can make a valuable contribution to the production of energy. The savings obtained in this manner in terms of primary energy carriers contribute to lowering CO2 emissions

Thanks to efficient use, the heat resulting from disposal processes can be converted into useful energy in the form of steam or hot water - which can be used for the production of energy or as process or district heat. A new development is the processing of waste in special processing facilities. From the waste stream, in addition to resources (e.g. metals), alternative fuels are also obtained which are optimally used as fuels for decentralized energy, steam and heat production.

An important part of recycling management is obtaining alternative fuels from waste. These alternative fuels can be used both in power plants for the communal production of energy as well as in industrial power plants to cover process energy requirements.

Innovative technologies like gasification are also available to maximise the use of end-of-life waste derived fuels (once all recyclates have been recovered), producing a consistent, high-quality hydrogen-rich syngas suitable for fired heating, power generation and advanced fuels for a zero carbon future.

The perfect solution for CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

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