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Our goal is profitable growth as a basis for our shared, sustainable success.
Our core skills are in the fields of power plant, heating and fuel technology as well as building services engineering (TGA).

We are an internationally active service provider in the field of energy technology. Our duty is the sustainable development of our customers' energy supply in the area of conflict created by humans, technology and the environment. As neutral and independent service providers, we operate in a customer and service oriented manner in changing markets.

Our work is supported by the belief that social and industrial development is not possible without technical progress. Based on our many years of experience, the focus of our market activities are a number of business fields: power plant, heating and fuel technology as well as building services engineering.

Our services are characterised by independence, neutrality and professional know-how. In our region, they have also become a synonym for innovation. This is confirmed by the numerous awards received by our projects. In a scenario of fast technological developments, which is even more likely to become a trend in future, we would like to become the go-to brand in the industry.


Good services, customer satisfaction and economic success are our goals. Social and industrial development is not possible without influencing the environment. Ecological responsibility when it comes to dealing with air, soil, water and other natural resources is therefore a matter of course for us.
Our employees are the most important success factor in our company. They set examples of commitment, professional expertise and performance. Through mutual trust, we create an open corporate culture in which constructive criticism is encouraged and assertiveness is expected. We cultivate and promote specifically targeted, fast communication. We invest in our employees helping them to make the most of their personal potential by offering continuous education and well directed development measures.

Through reliability, mutual respect and trust, we achieve long term and financially healthy customer relations. In a competitive environment, we see ourselves as an efficient, competent and service oriented service provider through customer-oriented solutions. We aim to develop relationships with our suppliers which are as long term as possible and which sustainably benefit both sides. Our suppliers and business partners essentially contribute to the quality of our services.
Through our work, we demonstrate that environmental protection, technology and efficiency are sustainably compatible with each other. The protection of the environment is important to us and determines our actions. We understand environmental protection as a continuous and comprehensive task and challenge. Our services imply a considerate use and conservation of natural resources.

We comply with our obligations according to ethical principles and accept personal responsibility for our actions. We treat each other in a fair and decent manner, trust our colleagues and behave in a trustworthy manner.
Our services are characterized by independence, neutrality, and professional competence. Our projects have received numerous awards, that's why we became a symbol of innovation all over our region.
Investing in innovation is a key point for us. We design and build highly efficient, renewable energy systems with a very low environmental impact, laying the foundations for a true circular economy.
We seek and offer a trustworthy relationship, direct and transparent, with all our customers and the realities we deal with.
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Döring

Our story

Plant Engineering is a German engineering and consulting company founded in 2006 with a team of engineers skilled in the development and the design of plants in the energy field and with expertise in biomass and gas fired power plants.

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Döring is the founder and Managing Director of Plant Engineering GmbH. He completed his studies of mechanical engineering with an emphasis on the area of energy technology at RWTH Aachen in 1996. He also completed his doctoral degree in the area of energy technology at RWTH Aachen.

2020 PE has joined CEFLA, an Italian Multibusiness Group based in IMOLA, with more than 1800 employees, and a wealth of experience in the Energy field acquired since 1932.

In 2023, Plant Engineering was taken over by the H2APEX.


Foundation of Mann Energie GmbH.


Mann Energie GmbH became Plant Engineering GmbH, equally shared between Mann Energie and Stefan Döring.


Plant Engineering GmbH became independent, continuing to develop projects in the biomass and renewable fields, but also starting new activities with high-efficiency power plants based on fossil fuel.


In 10 years, the company was expanding and growing in terms of employees and experience, becoming one of the most important engineering companies on the German market.


Plant Engineering GmbH has joined the Cefla Group, becoming the strategic heart of the Group in the German market.


In 2023, Plant Engineering was taken over by H2APEX.



Certification: TUV for pressure vessel according to EU
ISO 9001: 2015

Board Of Directors

Peter Rößner


Stefan Döring


Bojan Petrov

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Managing directors

Stefan Döring

Sebastian Heinz

Jörn Hennig

Marc Muscheid



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