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Cogeneration and Trigeneration

We design and build turnkey systems for cogeneration and trigeneration.


The industrial sector requires solutions capable of consistently improving its competitiveness on the market.
This calls for highly reliable and flexible plant engineering solutions, with short payback investments.
We develop specific SOLUTIONS for each industrial area, starting from a feasibility study and energy analysis of the current situation, to then move on to identifying the best solution in terms of efficiency, sustainability, reduction of environmental impact and cost-efficiency.

The industrial process where thermal energy is needed steam, diathermic oil, superheated water, etc. are the best solution to save energy with economical advantages.
Paper mills

Cogeneration for the tertiary sector

The widespread use of indoor conditioning or domestic hot water in different situations allows the evaluation of cogeneration suitability for different areas of the tertiary sector such as:
Office buildings
Data Centres
Shopping Centres
Healthcare and hospital facilities
In all these buildings, energy solutions can be designed aimed at reducing energy consumption while improving environmental comfort and considerably reducing the energy costs for users. With cogeneration it is possible to produce hot water for environmental heating or for other uses at lower costs and with other advantages in terms of environmental impact.


In many situations, the use of heat is often limited to the winter period and is complemented by refrigeration energy for air conditioning or for specific production processes.
The low cost thermal energy produced by a cogeneration plant also allows REFRIGERATION ENERGY to be produced through the use of static absorption refrigeration machines without electric compressor - which translates into further electricity savings compared to traditional refrigeration units.

PLANT ENGINEERING has completed a number of projects with different type of absorption chillers:
Lithium Bromide refrigeration absorber: well-tested, solid technology also in systems implemented without cogeneration (e.g. thermodynamic solar energy to be used by the absorbers), useful for the production of refrigeration energy at temperatures between 5/7°C, typical of air conditioning. These systems are widely used in Cogeneration plants for the Tertiary sector.
Ammonia refrigerant absorber which, relying on the ammonia absorption capacity in water, allows refrigeration energy to be produced at values typically suitable for cold chain uses (up to -40°C) in the agro-food, food processing industry but also in petrochemical and manufacturing applications.

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