History and change

Dieselkraftwerk 1904

Dreherei 1915

Motor 2005

Plant Engineering GmbH was founded in January 2006, at first as Mann Engineering GmbH with equal shares held by Mann Energie and Dr. Ing. Stefan Döring. Dr. S. Döring was previously employed at Mann Energie (www.mann-energie.de) as a plant engineer, later as proxy. Therefore in the following a short retrospect:

Mann Energie has existed since 1994 and since then has been a part of the MANN corporate group, which was founded by Emil Mann in 1925. In 1998, the corporate group received the environmental prize of the state of Rhineland-Palatine and further awards followed.

In the years 1994/1995, Mann Energie realised a biomass cogeneration power station according to the 4th BImSchV 1.2 (Federal Emissions Protection Ordinance) (without subsidies). In this cogeneration power station, wood in its natural state is utilised for energy. Since 1995, the processing of wood has been continuously further developed.

The processing and supply of qualitatively valuable fuels for woodchip heating facilities is a further pillar of the company. Here special value is placed on the coordination of the fuel pertaining to the respective application technology. This is valid both for the form as well as the quality since many facilities may only utilise merely wood in its natural state. The processing occurs mainly through the shredder, drum sieve, oscillating sieve and drying.

Plant Engineering GmbH, which became independent, has conceived and realised cogeneration power stations, power plants and pellet production facilities since their founding in January 2006. New are therefore the name and ownership relationships. Remaining is the professional connection to the MANN corporation, the practice related know-how and their main concern "gaining energy from renewable raw materials and from that which remains". Thus in addition to the pure engineering, also maintenance work and start ups of operations are carried out. This provides Plant Engineering GmbH with their excellent position in the market.

Among other things, the following areas are covered:

  • Biological oil cogeneration power stations based on combustion motors. Preferred fuel: already used plant and animal oils and fats (used cooking fats).
  • Wood cogeneration power stations and wood heat plants
  • Waste cogeneration power stations
  • Biomass gasification plants
  • Pellet production facilities
  • Drying facilities
  • Distance and local heating networks
  • Research and development in the above named fields

A further growing area is building technology as well as energy consultation and the processing of energy passes.
Between January 2006 and December 2008, the number of employees has continuously grown.