company philosophy

Luftbild MANN Energie

Our services are characterised by independence, neutrality and professional competence. In our region, they have also become a synonym for innovation. This is highlighted by the numerous awards which our projects have received. With the environment of rapid technological developments, in future, even more than previously, we would like to become the brand of trust.

Good services, customer satisfaction and economic success are our goals. Social and industrial development is not possible without influencing the environment. Ecological responsibility when it comes to dealing with air, soil, water and the natural resources is therefore a matter of course for us.

  Our employees are the most important success factor of our company. They are convincing through their commitment, professional competence and performance. Through mutual trust, we create an open corporate culture in which criticism is encouraged and assertiveness is expected. We cultivate and promote a targeted and quick communication. We invest in our employees through helping them to exploit their personal potential with a continuous further education and well directed development measures.

The customer secures our existence. We must convince him through the quality of our services so that we can be successful in the market. Through reliability, mutual respect and trust, we achieve long term and economically healthy customer relationships. We thus also mediate the certainty of an attractive partnership to future customers. In a competitive environment, we see ourselves as an efficient, competent and service oriented service provider through customer-oriented solutions. We want to develop relationships to our suppliers which are as long term as possible and which sustainably benefit both sides. Our suppliers and business partners essentially contribute to the quality of our services.

DornbirnSchwedtThrough our work, we demonstrate that environmental protection, technology and efficiency are sustainably compatible with each other. The protection of the environment is important to us and determines our actions. We thus understand environmental protection as a continuous and comprehensive task and challenge. Our services take into consideration a gentle use and conservation of natural resources.

We are never satisfied with what we have reached. We are open for the chances of the future, promote constructive change and approach the necessary changes in a committed manner. Innovation is the key for improvements. We want to continuously become better.

We achieve more if we work together. Therefore we appreciate the knowledge and contributions of our colleagues. We presume a good will among each other. Good teamwork lives from the active cooperation of each individual as well as the willingness to make use of ones talents, abilities and capacities for the common good. It also lives from us taking into consideration the effects of our actions on others early.

Integrity, trust and mutual respect are important to us. We are earnest and honest, follow the laws and act according to ethical principles. We comply with our obligations and take on personal responsibility for our actions. We treat each other in a fair and decent manner, trust our colleagues and behave in a trustworthy manner.